On this page, Steve is showing some PORTRAIT work
and on the next page he is exhibiting LANDSCAPES.

Click on a 'thumbnail' image to view it on a larger scale.
yoko 2, small oil, 2000
meriel #4, mixed media, 1999
yoko, oil, 2000

bret #2, small oil, 2000
vincent, oil, 2003
keith esdale, large oil, 1999

meriel watercolour #1, 2000
emmanuelle reading, oil, 2002
yoko #2, small oil, 2000

edwards, oil underpainting, 2003
charlie, oil, 2002
peterswords, oil, 2002

bruver, small oil, 2003
minkymike, oil
emmanuelle 1, small oil, 2001

(All Artwork: Copyright - Steve Risby © 1999-2003 [Paintings not to scale])

Steve is also showing:
some Landscapes,
some Archive Oil Paintings
and some Abstract Watercolours.

Steve would love to hear from anyone interested in commissioning some work.

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or if you have any queries about the
artists or Art section of gardneronline
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