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Environment, Society, Travel, Economy etc.


1. Environment, People, Wildlife:
www.theecologist.org (The Ecologist Magazine. Highly recommended.)
www.survivalinternational.org (Worldwide organisation supporting Tribal Peoples.)
www.wwf.org.uk ("WWF works to conserve the world's nature".)
www.durrell.org (Saving species Worldwide.)
www.sense.org.uk (The National Deafblind and Rubella Association.)
admin@one-to-one.org (E-mail to International Childrens' Charity.)
www.plan-uk.org ("Sponsor a child - see the difference.")
www.enn.com (Environmental News network - online daily environmental news worldwide.)
www.mcsuk.org (Marine Conservation Society.)
practicalaction.org/ (PA use technology to challenge poverty in Developing Countries.)
www.ivu.org (International Vegetarian Union.)
www.newint.org (New Internationalist Magazine - the ideas and the action in the fight for global justice.)
www.greeners-action.org/modules/AMS/ (Green Student Council of Hong Kong.)
www.hse.org.uk (Human Scale Evaluation. Educating on a human scale.)
www.vegansociety.com (Leading Vegan site.)
www.foe.co.uk (Friends of the Earth. "The UK's most effective environment group" - The Guardian.)
www.seedybusiness.org (Moulsecoomb [Brighton] Forest Garden and Wildlife Project.)
www.cat.org.uk (Centre for Alternative Technology. Europe's leading eco-centre.)
www.sightsavers.org (Helping people with Trachoma.)
www.viva.org.uk (Stop the illegal horsemeat trade etc.)
www.greenbritaincentre.co.uk/ (Green Britain Centre.)
www.vegsoc.org (The UK Vegetarian Society.)
www.captiveanimals.org (Captive Animals Protection Society.)
www.schumacher.org.uk (Promoting human-scale sustainable development.)
galapagosconservation.org.uk/ (The Galapogos Conservation Trust.)
www.envocare.co.uk (Information site that promotes care of the environment.)
www.shiftdesign.org.uk (Design consumer products that address social problems.)
http://www.greenparty.org.uk (UK Green Party.)
http://www.greenpeace.org.uk (Longstanding environmental pressure group.)
http://www.saveourseeds.org (Not in favour of Genetically Modified foodstuffs.)
http://www.LandandLiberty.net (Putting people at the heart of economics.)
http://www.soslynx.org (Campaign for the preservation of Europe's only indigenous big cat.)

2. Tibet, Indian sub-continent, Asia etc:
www.freetibet.org (Works to free Tibet from the shackles of Chinese occupation.)
http://www.tibet.net (The Official Government of Tibet, in Exile.)
www.stupa.org (Tibetan Buddhist Centre. Organises Specialist Charity Treks)
http://www.amc.org.uk (Asian Music Circuit.)
www.tibetsociety.com (Organisation that promotes the Tibetan cause, history, culture and religion; as well as assisting Tibetan refugees worldwide [since 1960].)
www.bbc.co.uk/networkasia (Asia-based information pages on BBC site.)
www.msmt.org.np (Mrigendra Samjhana Medical Trust in the Jamal area of Kathmandu.)
http://www.tibet.org (The International Tibet Support Group.)
http://www.tibet.ca (Canada Tibet Committee - independent non-governmental organisation.)
http://www.studentsforafreetibet.org/ (Students For a Free Tibet - USA.)
http://www.vot.org/ (Voice Of Tibet. Providing news and information to Tibet through daily short wave radio broadcasts.)
http://www.tibet.de/ (Buddhistisches Meditations- und Studienzentrum unter der Schirmherrschaft Seiner Heiligkeit XIV.)
http://www.dalailama.com/ (Website dedicated to awareness of the life and work of His Holiness Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama.)
http://www.tibet.fr/ (Infos et actions pour un Tibet libre!)
http://www.savetibet.org (International Campaign for Tibet.)
http://www.tibet.to/ (I love Tibet! - Japanese site.)
http://www.tibetfund.org/ (Supporting health, education and small economic development projects inside Tibet.)
http://www.rangzen.com/ (International Tibet Independence Movement.)
http://www.tibet-foundation.org/ (Website of the Tibet Foundation, London.)
www.makethingsright.org (For Tsunami relief.)
www.sftuk.org (Students for a free Tibet - UK.)
www.tibetanyouthuk.blogspot.com (Tibetan Youth UK.)

3. Travel, Teaching Abroad, Voluntary Work etc:
Mexico Map (A travel information website for visitors interested in Mexico vacation destinations.)
www.audleytravel.com (Tailor-made journeys and escorted small group tours for the discerning traveller.)
www.vso.org.uk (Voluntary Service Overseas - Specialist work placements abroad.)
www.live-travel.com (Company offering Bhutan among it's itinerary.)
E-mail: Community Action Nepal (Fundraising [and Other] Treks and Climbs to Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan.)
www.travelsphere.co.uk (Worldwide Escorted Holidays by Train.)
www.flysussex.com (Sussex Hangliding and Paragliding Club.)
www.wensleydalerail.com (A unique project to restore train services in a beautiful part of the Yorkshire Dales.)
www.steppestravel.com/ (A leading provider of ethical wildlife holidays.)
www.companyofwhales.co.uk (Whale and Dolphin watching cruise.)
www.rfpi.org/ipc.html (Peace Studies and Peace Journalism in Costa Rica.)
www.travel-guide-greece.com (Travel guide to Greece.)
www.greek-cruises.com (Cruise around Greek islands, discount Greek islands cruises.)

4. Products, Purchases, Services, Re-cycling etc.:
www.ecotricity.co.uk (Renewable energy supplier in UK. They build wind turbines, and more.)
www.organichealthandbeauty.com (100% natural and organic beauty & health products.)
www.woodlands.co.uk (Buy woodlands in the UK.)
www.funkyfabrics.com (Bags, Dolls and Wallhangings inspired by Ghanaian Adinkra symbols and African/Brazilian nature spirits.)
www.jeremycosmodavies.co.uk/ (Green wood chairs - made by Jeremy Cosmo Davies)
www.brita.co.uk (Water filters.)
www.triodos.co.uk (Ethical savings accounts with Triodos Bank.)
www.ink.uk.com (The Independent News Collective - Alternative Press.)
www.ethicalproperty.co.uk (Ethical Property Company meets the property needs of the social change sector.)
www.greenbooks.co.uk (From Economics to Politics To Cookery to Gardening.)
www.khadi.com (Handmade Paper from the Indian Sub-continent.)
www.spieziaorganics.com (Soil Association certified Skin Care range.)
www.energysavingtrust.org.uk/ (Energy Saving Trust.)
www.fonebak.com (Re-cycle your mobile phone/cellphone/handy.)
www.fairtrade.org.uk (Buy fairly-traded products.)
www.regionalfoodanddrink.co.uk (Shop locally.)
www.visionaidoverseas.org/ (Re-cycle your spectacles.)
www.bookcrossing.com (Re-cycle your books.)
www.charityretail.org.uk/ (The Charity Retail Association.)
www.britastro.org/dark-skies/starcount/ (Turn off unnecessary lights.)
www.wasteonline.org.uk (Use a mug, not a plastic cup - and more.)
www.gov.uk/government/organisations/environment-agency (Turn the tap off whilst brushing your teeth.)
http://www.lowcarbon.co.uk (Low Carbon Trust - working to reduce carbons and promote recycling.)

5. Stop The War Etc.:
www.avaaz.org (Human Rights, Iraq, Guantanamo, Petitions, Palestine/Israel.)
www.stopwar.org.uk (Stop The War Coalition.)
www.campaignagainstclimatechange.net (Campaign against Climate Change.)
www.mabonline.net (Muslim Association of Britain. Co-organisers of the Feb. 15th 2003 'Stop the War' marches.)
Human Relief Foundation - Iraq Emergency Appeal. PO Box 194, Bradford, BD7 1YW, UK. 08700-117-112/08700-117-113 (UK Telephone no.).
www.moveon.org (International web network that deals with the after-effects of the Twin Towers phenomenon. MoveOn organise petitions and research, and supply information to do with Iraq, North Korea etc.)
www.cnduk.org (Long-standing supporters of world peace, and co-organisers of the 'Stop the War' marches.)
www.liberty-human-rights.org.uk (British organisation dealing with Human Rights. Useful in terms of behaviour at demonstrations, Police etc.)
www.schnews.org.uk (Weekly newsletter from 'Justice?' - Brighton's Direct Action Collective.)

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