...Was produced by Si Baker in April 2004, at Frogbox Studos,
Hove, Sussex, UK. John decided to issue it as a promotional single-
song CD to give to any interested parties, and it has since been
played on KIDN, KFMU & NPR radio stations, Colorado, USA.

John himself, has described it as: sounding a bit like 'the theme from
Friends', with echoes of Blondie, The Only Ones, Richard Thompson,
and a middle-8 that could have been written by The Eagles! Others
have said that it is reminiscent of the B52s or Martha & the Muffins.

You may find it catchy, you may find it annoying; but however it
hits you, DON'T SPEAK TOO SOON is classic "surf's up" material that
should raise a smile from every quarter.

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