Multi-tracking, layered vocals, electric guitars, percussion, virtual keyboard, spoken
word...all abound comfortably within the digital realms of this CD (or collection of mp3s).
Each song talks of the bridge - the gap - between 'here' and 'there'; twixt 'safe and
secure' and the voyage to another existence. From greyhounds to aliens to seagulls, an
enduring sense of anxiety and forboding is pushed outward to the minds of the listeners...

Track Listing
  • The Die is Rolled (click to play a sample)
  • The Occupants' Return (click to play a sample)
  • I'm Not Your Child (click to play a sample)
  • It's a Dog's Life (click to play a sample)
  • Do the Seagulls know it's Xmas? (click to play a sample)
  • January

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