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1. General sites:
NEW https://quitday.org/quit-smoking - giving up smoking so that people can live longer, healthier lives and end the harm caused by tobacco to children.
NEW www.tobacco-cessation.org - The U.S. National Tobacco Cessation Collaborative.
healthy-ojas.com/ - Information on conventional/alternative treatment of modern diseases such as diabetes, etc.
www.communityhelpers.co.uk - Extensive advice on helping in the community - check this one out!
twitter.com/42ndstreetphoto - 42nd Street Photo is an active participant in social media and a top New York camera store.
www.justinstructortraining.co.uk - Driving Instructor training company.
www.moviesdatacenter.com - Large collection of free online movies.
www.wisegeek.com/ - Answers to lots of questions.
www.frixo.com - UK road and motorway traffic reporting site - updated every 3 minutes.
www.deepavali-cards.com - Here are some exclusive and special ecards to send to your friends and loved ones.
www.diwali.us/ - Diwali Ecards - Celebrate the festival of lights with lighted diyas and send free ecards to all your loved ones.
www.translation-guide.com/free_online_translators.php - Useful online language translator.
www.bitboost.com/pawsense/index.html - Software to prevent cats from interfering with your computer keyboard.
www.blacktiephotos.co.uk - Bradford-based Event Photography company that specializes in photographing indoor events all over the UK.
www.lulu.com/ - Publish your own book - if you've written one.
www.clocklink.com/ - Put Clocks on your website!!.
www.librarything.com - Catalogue your own book collection online - and see other people's!
www.moneysavingexpert.com - Site of Martin Lewis - money saving expert.
www.ecotricity.co.uk - Renewable energy electricity supply company - uk.
www.uswitch.com - Get the best deals on your home utilities bills.
www.bookcrossing.com - Read, register, and release your books "into the wild" and track where they go and the lives they touch.
www.writetothem.com - Write to your MP - UK.
www.thexperiment.com - The Indiana Experiment - design company.
www.ebay.com - Online auction site - many bargains to be found.
www.amazon.co.uk - Online bookshop with many out-of-print titles, plus CDS etc.
www.gitsfood.com - Delicious Indian sweets suppliers.
http://cytowic.net/ - The official website of Richard E. Cytowic - re-discoverer of Synaesthesia.
www.chinesesupermarket.info - As it sounds.
www.royalmail.com/smilers - Create your own stamps [UK] online.
www.onion.com - America's finest news source!
www.pianoladynancy.com/recovery_usscole.htm - Some pics of the USS Cole being recovered after jihad attack.
www.ivyhill.tv - Home site of Nancy Matthis and friends in Arlington, Virginia.
www.beonscreen.com/uk - Opportunities to get on telly doing different things.
www.saltrock.com - North Devenish Surfwear company.
www.policespecials.com - Website of the UK Special Constabulary.
www.pistonheads.com - For people who appreciate performance and thoroughbred cars.
ferrysmart.co.uk/ - Great site for booking cross-channel ferries.
www.abd.org.uk - Alliance of British Drivers.
www.precautionarytales.net - Watch out, watch out.
www.william-sinclair.co.uk - Gardening product company.
www.the-cma.org.uk - Complementary Medical Association.
www.odan.org/ - Opus Dei Awareness Network - good site.
vezelay.cef.fr/ - St. Mary Magdalene, Vézelay, France.
www.davidreilly.com/dodo/ - The extinct Dodo
www.cats.about.com - All about pet Cats.
www.autobodystore.com - Step-by-step guide to car body repair for pros or DIY-ers.
www.gailhyatt.com/index1a.htm - Great site for useful English-French links.
www.sunseekers.com - Locate your perfect Spanish villa holiday rental from the comfort of your own home.
www.aievents.co.uk - UK-wide range of professional photography services that include special and corporate events, school proms, weddings and portraits. Framed photos to take-away in minutes.
www.doglost.co.uk - As it says on the label!
www.whitedot.org - Switch off your TV sets and get a life!
www.no2id.net - Say no to the UK stupid ID card idea.

2. Directories and Search etc. sites:
www.findermonkey.co.uk - We run a people finder website specialising in finding people in the UK.
www.contactexpats.com - They have made it easy to contact expats around the world.
www.expatsreunite.com/ - Like Friends Reunited, but Ex-pats.
www.friendsreunited.co.uk - Everyone must have heard of this one. If not, maybe you might find some long lost friends!
www.findachinese.co.uk - Just as it sounds - directory for Chinese things.
www.virtualcountries.com - Directory which takes you round various countries.
www.about.com - What you need to know.
www.frety.com - Frety Webdirectory.
www.192.com - UK Directory Enquiries online.
www.kwmap.com - Browse the Keyword Map of the Internet.
www.searchtwice.co.uk - Search directory.
www.reviewcentre.com - Informed choices (?) - search directory.

3. Brighton and Regional sites:
NEW http://thisishaywardsheath.com - A rye look at one of Mid-Sussex's finest towns...
www.brighton.co.uk - Brighton's number one site for tourists and just about anyone else you care to mention!
http://bonjour-brighton.blogspot.com/ - Votre magazine francophile mensuel sur Brighton!
www.bermuda-triangle.org/ - The Bermuda Triangle.
www.brightonlife.com - Comprehensive resource of all things to do with Brighton.
www.kentonline.co.uk/news - Kent newspaper - possibly the Advertiser - can't remember which.
www.knowhere.co.uk - Info on over 2000 groovy places in the UK - check it out!
www.epsom.townpage.co.uk - Epsom and Ewell on the Internet.
www.radio4a.org.uk - Brighton's premier Pirate radio station.
www.seedybusiness.org - Moulsecoomb [Brighton] Forest Garden and Wildlife Project.
www.brighton-streamline.co.uk - Streamline cabs.
www.revitalise-u.co.uk - The premier Colonic, Hydrotherapy, Massage, Yoga & Pilates centre in Brighton & Hove.
www.brighton-hove.gov.uk - Brighton and Hove City Council.
www.cclondon.com - Congestion Charge, London - Online.
www.lostcatsbrighton.co.uk - Lost and found cats in Brighton area.

4. Arts, Culture etc. sites:
www.institutstloup.org.uk - Website of Barbara Ryan & Anja Raben.
www-personal.umich.edu/~rmutt/dictionary/artaud.html - The vice of Surrealism - Antonin Artaud.
Casting Directors - UK's leading casting resource to film, theatre and TV companies seeking vetted, experienced and professional actors.
www.alternatecreations.com - Art, Music and Website Design - recommended!
www.guydenning.org.uk - Guy Denning - Artist.
www.shanebarrellfilms.co.uk - Films website - Shane Barrell.
www.fabrica.org.uk - Art Space and Artist's resource centre.
www.john-hiom.co.uk - John Hiom - Artist.
www.chrishumphreys.co.uk - Great artist.
www.shootingpeople.org - Online networking for Film, Video, Acting, Screenwriting.
www.messypainter.com - Steve Risby - Artist.
www.lewandowski.lowtech.org - Another great artist.
www.adrenalini.com - Check out these hilarious animated characters!
www.mummers.org.uk - Ashdown Forest Mummers Group - see for yourself.
www.phoenixarts.org - Brighton-based Arts Association with Gallery.
www.pesky.com - Excellent Animation Company - many big name clients.
www.PlumArtStudio.com - Art and spirituality go hand in hand.
www.paintedchurch.org - Painted churches - murals etc.

5. Music etc. sites:
www.jessicacurry.co.uk - Composer and Sound Artist.
www.flamencomusic.net - Flamenco Performance!
bandmix.co.uk/ - Free artist/band profiles and downloadable music.
www.inspirationsounds.co.uk - Download Sample CDs, Reason Refills, Free Samples, Sound FX, Music Software and Virtual Instruments.
www.arkade.com - Sell mp3s on this music site.
www.ubl.com - The Ultimate Band List!
www.thecure.com - The Cure.
www.bandtoband.com - Massive accumulated family tree of bands.
www.songlyrics.com - Lyrics site - find them.
www.planetgong.co.uk - History of the Planet Gong and much more...
www.esflamenco.com - es baile, es guitarra, es cante, es pasión [It's dancing, it's guitar, it's singing, it's passion].
www.folkandroots.co.uk - All that is Folk and Roots and Acoustic!
www.loopmasters.com - Professional Sample Libraries in Wav/Rex2 and other formats - Free Preview Loops and Demo MP3's, and much more...
www.ozrics.com - Renaissance space-rockers unite!
www.punkoiuk.co.uk - Punk and Oi! website - UK!
www.acnorman.co.uk - International, quality concertina-makers and repairers.
www.youthmusic.org.uk - As it sounds!
www.hazeloconnorofficial.com - Website of Hazel O'Connor.
www.drumjam.co.uk - Drum workshops and info/networking site.
www.peoplesound.com - Music site - lots of bands/performers.
www.diegobrown.com - Diego Brown and the Good Fairy - Clever and Twisted.
www.liveclub.co.uk - Music magazine site for South-East of England, UK.
www.musicregistry.com - Music registration and copyright etc.
www.unsignedmusic.com - Have a guess.
www.djpages.com - Dance music site.
www.allthingsmusic.co.uk - UK site for 'all things music'!
www.musicians.co.uk - Everything for musicians!
www.vocalist.org.uk - Everything for vocalists!
www.viac.co.uk - Virtually Acoustic Club.
www.musicdownload-free.com/ - Download free music!

6. Humour, Games, etc. sites:
www2.kingdomofloathing.com - Fantasy role playing game.
www.ahajokes.com - Jokes...
www.azkidsnet.com - Jokes...
www.amishdonkey.com - Not as it sounds!
www.weebls-stuff.com/toons - Cute football badgers and other toons!
www.adtunes.com - Tunes from TV ads!
www.quizyourfriends.com - Write a quiz and send it to your friends.
www.miniclip.com - Free online gaming!
www.supercheats.com - Game cheats, hints, tips etc. for many different platforms.
www.asciimation.co.nz/beer - Beer, a 'shed', and a jet engine!
www.nicecupofteaandasitdown.com/biscuits - Think biscuits, think tea, think sit down!
www.emotioneric.com - Very funny indeed.
www.geodetic.com/easteregg.htm - Funny photos from that Geodetic team!

7. Computers etc. sites:
www.robhartley.co.uk - (Rob Hartley - Freelance Internet Marketing)
www.future-shock.net - Web hosting and Site design etc. - recommended.
www.fontfreak.com - Great free fonts to download.
www.lavasoftsupport.com - 'AdAware6' removes spyware from your computer. Check what you're getting rid of first though.
www.spybot.com - 'Search & Destroy' removes spyware from your computer. Check what you're getting rid of first though.
www.zonelabs.com - Download a free personal firewall.
www.drivers.com - Drivers for devices.
www.driverguide.com - Guide to finding Drivers for devices.
www.thinkgeek.com/computing/input/keyboards/5c3f/zoom/ - For gadget freaks everywhere.....!
www.pingdynasty.com - Web hosting, design, chatrooms and more.
www.mersenne.org/prime.htm - Find that new Mersenne prime number and you could win dollars.
www.incredimail.com - Groovy backgrounds for email etc.

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