Steve was awarded his Honours Degree in Fine Art in 1993 - after several
faithful years of study at Surrey Institute of Art and Design, near Guildford,
in the south of England. After completing college, he began assembling
an impressive array of personal works in Brighton & London, UK - a small
portion of which you can see in the Gallery and the Annexe today. Since
2002, he has travelled around Europe and partially settled in Portugal.

Steve has many influences, including some Abstract Expressionism and
particularly Vincent van Gogh. However, his strongest ones are: "personal
painting friends such as Keith Esdale, the Ferrett, Chris Humphreys,
n' tutors such as Rod THE GOD Harman".

You can view some of Steve's Archive Oil paintings
(dating back to 1992) HERE, and you can see some
of his More Recent Work HERE. Plus, he also has
some Abstract Watercolours HERE.

You could also read more about what Steve has to say himself by clicking HERE.

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