Just a quick note to accompany the work.

1989 - Hastings, tutored by Rod Harman. This foundation year is still the strongest
influence on my work. Fellow students have included: Alexander Roberts, Sean Bailey
& Chris Humphreys. Degree tutors included: Wynn Jones, Bev Brennan, Marcus Lazerides,
Peter Kennard & Paul Butler. Degree Show, 1993 (Farnham) - Anthony Hepworth buys
largest painting and then includes another in a landscape show alongside a personal
hero - Ivon Hitchens (& other big names).

This early success then sees my work decline, post-degree. Anthony sells a few, but
a year in Peckham doesn't help, and it takes a visit to Paris and specifically an
unofficial party in Sallez (Catacombs), in 1995 to turn this decline. Keith Esdale turns
me on to Baselitz and I also see a massive Baselitz retro in L.A. County Museum around
this time and meet Roger Herman at U.C.L.A. The Oils from 1995, I consider amongst
my best, if you like the 'dark'.

The Themes of 'people' and 'places' have increasingly taken over in the work, initially
as a series of portraits from memory around 1998/9 - no photos/no sitters - in response
to losing touch with people and times past. This is a transition period from dark
studio pieces to lighter observational paintings of recent times.

If you're ever driving into Brighton along the A259 coast road from the west, be sure
to look out for the mural at Hove Lagoon, its big (400 ft X 14ft).

My own website is young, but should have a lot more images soon.

Feel free to get in touch.

E: steverisby(at)


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