Ohhh-my-goh-hod! This is like-uh... just listen to this reecordding yah. It is just like-uh... toaaadillleee awesumm! This ehhs
like-uh... nearly twennee yeearrez of Zonn-i-man-tastic zonn-nn-ee-mism! Y'know it's like-uh... all his ti-ah-m in
Brydenn, n'Hoh-ohvve, (like-uh... liddl plaiss in the yoo-kay) yah, when he wuz like... re-allee livin' therre, y'know! It's soh-uh
like-uh... toadileeee thiss senturrehh yah; so like-uh Zonn-i-tastic-everree-one-of-his-best like-uh... songz n'sheht, yah!
Lissen-to, no, like-uh, buy ehht!! You juss gottuh, coz it's like-uh... muss be duhnn yah, so like-uh... hasstoobeeyeh!

(click to play a sample)

Track Listing:
  • Headhunter's Song (live at 'Speakeasy' - first ever solo gig!)(previously unreleased)
  • You Make Me Melt
  • Mucky Pup (live at Bom-Bane's)

  • Night Of The Moths
  • Don't Speak Too Soon

  • Hands Of The Brewery
  • Glove

  • Mes Parents Sont La France
  • Los Galgos (live at Ravensbourne)(previously unreleased)

  • Back In Blighty
  • A Change Is As Good As A Rest

  • It's A Dog's Life
  • The Die Is Rolled

  • Family Man
  • The Wood Pigeon (live at Bom-Bane's)

  • Mothbox
  • The Service Station Of My Dreams

  • buy me
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