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John Zonn

photo by B. Ryan 2008


JR Discs is an independent record label and publisher that deals specifically with the musical artist John Zonn.

RELEASES: John has produced a number of albums, EPs & singles since his musical roots began, in 1988. The
first three of these were initially released on cassette, but now all of his recordings are available on CD and digital format.
Click here for REVIEWS or click on the individual covers to find out more about each recording.

2022 - Songs Of Truth And Freedom - JR20
2022 - A New Normal - JR19 2021 - The Passage Of Time - JR18 2020 - The Corona Suite - JR17
2020 - Electric £and - JR16 2019 - A Portrait Of Cary Grant/Spiritus Flumine - JR15 2018 - Mystery Of The Universe/Back In The 80's - JR14
2009 - End Of An Ear - JR12a 2009 - Self-confessed Petrol Head - JR12 2ar009 - Snap Shot - JR11
2013 - Family Man - JR10 2009 - Separation Anxiety - JR09 2008 - Back in Blighty - JR08
2007 - Los Galgos EP - JR07 2004 - Portfolio Career - JR06 2004 - Don't Speak Too Soon - JR05
2001 - Photocopy of my Mind - JR03 1988 - Hard Fruit - JR02 1988 - Precarious Flamingo - JR01

DISTRIBUTION: CD recordings (with lovely printed covers, in jewel cases) are available to buy from this site... email us...
and many MP3 or WAV digital music files are also downloadable from the online stockists listed at the bottom of this page.

SUCCESSES: Tracks have been on the playlists at RADIO GETS WILD (Internet), RÁDIO CLUBE DE MONSANTO
(Portugal), AMAZING RADIO (Internet), KIDN, KFMU & NPR (Colorado, USA) and SWINDON HOSPITAL RADIO (UK).
In 2008, 'Lament for ma Banjo-case' and 'Mes Parents Sont La France' reached #1 in the Spoken Word and
Chanson genre charts respectively, at EZFOLK.COM. In 2007, 'Mucky Pup' reached #1 at the now defunct ROCK
CIRCLE online magazine, 'Night of the Moths' became Song of the Day at the now obsolete BEATTHEMIX online
music platform and two songs were played at VIRTUAL OPEN MIC. In 2005, John was given a Silver Award by
RADIO GETS WILD for the album 'Portfolio Career', which was reviewed at RUSSELLSREVIEWS.CO.UK
The EP 'Los Galgos' has regularly been on the CD player at THE JUGGLER CAFÉ in Shoreditch, London.

Back in Blighty launch party!!!
The 'Back in Blighty' launch party - August '08

LEGAL: We employ the logo on all our original literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works to
show that they are represented within the framework of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.

A New Normal - 2022 A New Normal Bound To Lose - 2022 Bound To Lose Whisper Mode - 2020 Whisper Mode
We Live In The Boiler - 2020 We Live In The Boiler Stay Home, Save Lives - 2020 Stay Home, Save Lives Afterlude For Piano, Electric Guitars And Bass - 2020 Afterlude For Piano, Electric Guitars And Bass
Piece For Four Acapella Voices - 2020 Piece For Four Acapella Voices Electric £and - 2020 Electric £and Notice To Recipient - 2020 Notice To Recipient
A Portrait Of Cary Grant - 2019 A Portrait Of Cary Grant Spiritus Flumine - 2019 Spiritus Flumine Mystery Of The Universe - 2018 Mystery Of The Universe
Back In The 80's - 2018 Back In The 80's The Wood Pigeon - 2013 The Wood Pigeon (live) Girls' Names - 2014 Girls' Names
A Nasty Piece Of Work - 2014 A Nasty Piece Of Work Family Man - 2013 Family Man The Die Is Rolled - 2019 The Die Is Rolled
It's a Dog's Life - 2009 It's a Dog's Life I'm Not Your Child - 2009 I'm Not Your Child Do the Seagulls Know it's Xmas? - 2009 Do the Seagulls Know it's Xmas?
Back in Blighty - 2008 Back in Blighty Lament For Ma Banjo-case - 2008 Lament For Ma Banjo-case Varnished (you will last forever) - 2008 Varnished (you will last forever)
Los Galgos - 2007 Los Galgos Mes Parents Sont La France - 2007 Mes Parents Sont La France When Science Meets Art - 2007 When Science Meets Art
Hands of the Brewery - 2004 Hands of the Brewery Don't Speak Too Soon - 2004 Don't Speak Too Soon Mucky Pup - 2001 Mucky Pup
Computerised Doom - 1988 Computerised Doom Headhunter's Song - 1988 Headhunter's Song Skinheads In Uniform - 1988 Skinheads In Uniform
Belladonna Baby - 1988 Belladonna Baby Cosmic-sister Love - 1988 Cosmic-sister Love Down Country - 1988 Down Country

All the recordings on this site are available either in CD format or as individual mp3s, and further
Zonn-related buying opportunities can occur at the MERCHANDISE page! Email us for details.

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