...Is a collection of newer and older songs that were recorded
live in the studio. This means pure vocal and guitar and no
overdubs - crikey!! There are five newer songs, which
were all written in 2004. Also included are three of the
favourites from Photocopy of my Mind and one track
that Zonn wrote when he was 20. The recording
was produced by experienced sound designer,
Rikki Borkum, at his Bayside Studio.

Track Listing
  • You Make me Melt
  • Caffeine Days/Cocaine Nights (click to play a sample)
  • Hands of the Brewery (click to play a sample)
  • Wandering, Wondering (click to play a sample)
  • Headhunter's Song
  • Glove (click to play a sample)
  • Bringin' it back Together
  • Body takes the Years
  • Don't Speak too Soon

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