This compilation album marks a 33 year gap in time, between the original release of the tracks - on the Hard Fruit
& Precarious Flamingo recordings - and 2021 AD. Some might say the songs were ahead of their game, and that
actually they reflect as much the sorts of socio-political-existential issues humankind faces right now,
as those current at the time. One could also suggest that nothing ever changes. Or does it... ;)

Track Listing:
  • IN THE LIGHT OF THE SUN (click to play an excerpt)
  • THE HEADHUNTER'S SONG (click to play an excerpt)
  • SKINHEADS IN UNIFORM (click to play an excerpt)
  • DOWN COUNTRY (click to play an excerpt)
  • OOGENESIS (click to play an excerpt)
  • COSMIC-SISTER LOVE (click to play an excerpt)
  • BELLADONNA BABY (click to play an excerpt)

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