...was mostly recorded alongside the rumbling road of revs and rotor arms; a kind of 'get-out-of-the-house'
collage of in-car capers - as much at home with the serious singer-songwriter strum-fests of the seventies,
as with the comically-crushing timorous tumultitudes of the tennies!

Although, alliteration aside, it's a damn good yarn - blessed with a bunch of
blinding ballads, suffused with some striking sound structures. Argh! It's no good, I'm just having real
problems not repeating the first letters of consecutive words: goddamn!

Basically, this album is 14 tracks of pure road-movie wonder, and the bespoke hand-crafted
card and paper covers are a delight to the vision and touch. Dare you buy one???
Jay Snelling says: "I think the playing and songwriting are John's best yet".

Track Listing:
  • Mothbox
  • Pack Up, Go Out, Turn On
  • Girls' Names (click to play a sample)
  • La Dame Dans Le Bois
  • Slipaway (click to play a sample)
  • We Are All Fighting
  • Through The Wood (click to play a sample)
  • If Everyone Was The Same
  • A Nasty Piece Of Work (click to play a sample)
  • Anything In My Memory
  • The Service Station Of My Dreams (click to play a sample)
  • One Step Closer To Heaven
  • Turn Off, Go In, Wind Down (click to play a sample)
  • The Big Scrap Car Dealer In The Sky

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