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John Zonn

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Zonn says: "I'm a DIY fanatic: I write my own songs and poems, perform them, produce them, 
market them, do the artwork, and also manage and promote an Irish-folk covers band".

2018 - The double-A-side single - 'Mystery Of The Universe' / 'Back In The 80's' - was released.
2016 - John created a sound-collage for the film: 'Quiet Time'.
2015 - The 'Xmas in Hastings' video was produced.  
2014 - John starred in 'John Zonn's Ice Bucket Challenge!!!' 
2014 - The prose piece 'Lament for ma banjo-case' was played on Amazing Radio
2013 - John released a live recording...SNAP SHOT...available from this website!
2013 - John released a short studio recording...FAMILY MAN...available from this website!

2013 - Family Man - JR10 RECENT HIGHLIGHTS 2018 - The double-A-side single - 'Mystery Of The Universe' / 'Back In The 80's' - was released. 2016 - John moved to Hastings and released 'End Of An Ear' 2015 - Zonn went up the CN Tower, in Toronto, Canada - eeek!!! - and released 'Self-confessed Petrol Head'. 2014 - John starred in...
2013 - Performed as part of the 'SPASKI Live' event, at Community Arts Centre, Brighton. 2012 - Performed as part of 'Underground Woken Spurds', at Community Arts Centre, Brighton. 2012 - John starred in 'Climbing The Walls - an exercise in interior buildering' on Vimeo. 2011 - Commissioned to perform various cover versions at two private events in Epsom, Surrey. 2011 - Performed as part of '3 Headed Cabaret', at Bom-Banes restaurant/venue, Brighton. 2010 - Performed at Stoke Newington Library Gallery, London & Grey Area Gallery, Brighton. 2009 - Release of mini-album (32:28) SEPARATION ANXIETY...six wonderful tracks...a great cover...yours for a sixer (plus P&P)!!! 2009 - Commissioned to perform 'Harvest Moon' by Neil Young. 2009 - Supported 'Diego Brown & The Good Fairy' on Phase 2 of their 'Stimulating Package' gigs. 2008 - Was invited to be a judge for the 1st Annual Native-E Music Awards (for Native American & Canadian Aboriginal mainstream artists) - chose winners and reviewed entries in five separate categories. 2008 - Commissioned to perform a song by composer, Mark Dury. 2008 - Was interviewed and performed a song for 'The Friday Show', at Ravensbourne College of Design & Communication. 2007, 2008 & 2010 - Performed at Scaledown - 'genuinely alternative after-office live entertainment'. 2007 - Exclusive interview (no longer publicly available) in the online Wiki Music Guide. 2007 & 2008 - Release of EPs - LOS GALGOS and BACK IN BLIGHTY. 2005 - Received a Silver Artist Award from 'Radio Gets Wild', for PORTFOLIO CAREER. 2004 - 'Hands of the Brewery' was on a charity Best of 2004 compilation CD released by Russell's Reviews online magazine. 2004 - Release of PORTFOLIO CAREER and the single 'Don't Speak Too Soon'. 2001 - Release of PHOTOCOPY OF MY MIND.

BROADCASTING Various songs have been on the playlists at: KIDN, KFMU & NPR (Colorado, USA), Radio Gets Wild (Internet), Rádio Clube De Monsanto (Portugal), Amazing Radio (Internet), Virtual Open Mic (Internet) and Swindon Hospital Radio. 'Lament for ma Banjo-case' and 'Mes Parents Sont La France' were #1 in the Spoken Word and Chanson charts respectively, at ezfolk.com. 'Night of the Moths' was Song of the Day at BeatTheMix online music platform. 'Family Man' and 'The Wood Pigeon' have been #1 in the Alternative and Theatrical charts respectively, at xporadio.com (now SongCloud FM).

Taken from 'Wiki Music Guide' RECORDINGS Mystery Of The Universe/Back In The 80's (double-A-side single) - 2018 End Of An Ear (compilation album) - 2016 Self-confessed Petrol Head (album) - 2015 Snap Shot (live mini-album) - 2013 Family Man (EP) - 2013 Separation Anxiety - 2009 Back in Blighty (EP) - 2008 Los Galgos (EP) - 2007 Portfolio Career - 2004 Don't Speak Too Soon (single) - 2004 Photocopy of my Mind (album) - 2001 Hard Fruit (album) - 1988 Precarious Flamingo (album) - 1988

QUOTES "John Zonn is a breath of fresh air in music" - Jodelen Ortiz (Admin Member WikiMusicGuide) "I salute you over and over again" - Ginge (from 'Up Holster') "…half stand-up, half poetry, half music…" - Mike Illingworth "An intelligent set up of music" - Sascha Cooper (reviewer at Remote Goat) "A fresh sounding e.p. by someone who has invented and mastered their own genre" - reviewing 'Los Galgos' - Ginge (from 'Up Holster') "Thanks John. Enjoyed your songs, gentle and honest" - Mike Russell - Artist/Author "If you like your music melodic, thoughtful and unaffected you could do much worse than check out John Zonn" - Russell Barker (Russell's Reviews Online Music Magazine) "Mature songs about everyday things" - Steve Risby - Artist "If Douglas Adams is being chaneled, Arthur Dent's is surely one of your songs.(smile)" - Terry Songs - Songwriter/Musician "True story teller/song crafter" - Ramblin Randy (Randy Struble) - Musician "I think of you as a poet with guitar" - John Hiom - Artist "Across between having a language lesson and watching someone have psychotherapy" - some bloke at The Lamb public house, Lewes
HAVE BEEN ON THE SAME BILLING AS: Isnaj Dui, Bat For Lashes, Orlando Allen, Error, Ronald Fraser Munro, Chris Cundy, Tim Holehouse, Pat Whelan, Champignon, The Elms, Dick Langford, The Flaming Czars, Yusuf B'layachi, Artisan, Fledge, Rachel Myer, The Wisemen, Brody & Quint, Frank Hoier, Emberhoney, Strange-A, Lucky Horse, Pockette, Susie Ledge, Miss Mandy & The Makebelieves, Rich Pickings, Richard Staines, Kieron Hunter, Arklove, Remnant King, Andy Cole, Diego Brown & The Good Fairy, The Richwoods, NOW, Dear Thief, Rory Tregaskis, Alex Monk, The Firewriters, Ruth Theodore, Andrew Bailey & Jim Whiting, Eliza Jaye & The Tarts, The Cracklin' Griffins, Mercedes Maresca & Ana Matos Godinho, Jackson & The Kingkickers, The Blind Jerrys, Mike Russell, John Francis Cross, Jane Bom-Bane, The Guildford Fringe, John Hiom, SPASKI, Fiona Winterflood, Mickey Nuttall, Hilary Gandhi, Dave Bailey, Laura Lexx, Rob Dumbrell, Jo Public, Gavin Inskip, Louise Dean, The Real Si-B, Caran D'Ache, Ian Dunn, and many more...
HAVE BEEN LIKENED TO: Kevin Ayers, Syd Barrett, The Beatles, Captain Beefheart, Jacques Brel, David Bowie, David Byrne, Graham Chapman, Tommy Cooper, Elvis Costello, Dinner Ladies, Bob Dylan, Serge Gainsbourg, Genesis, Arlo Guthrie, Roy Harper, Robyn Hitchcock, Gerry & The Pacemakers meets Bob Marley, John Otway, Lou Reed, Tom Robinson, Jake Thackray, Richard Thompson, Bill Bailey, Nick Drake, Peter Gabriel...

Taken from 'BeatTheMix' ARTIST'S STATEMENT One of the main functions of music and song as I see it, is to re-connect us with the primordial state of emotion that exists within all beings. Thus, I write songs based on personal experiences that I believe are also reflected within the feelings of people in all societies throughout the world.

EXTRA NEWS As a tribute to the international importance of the 1st Native-E Music Awards Event (mentioned above), John performed the song 'DON'T FORGET ABOUT ME', by Michael Bucher on the same evening (20th September 2008), but seven hours ahead and at a venue in the UK. The Zonn EP 'BACK IN BLIGHTY' was released on the first day of the Beijing Olympic Games - 08/08/08. The 6-track JZ release 'SEPARATION ANXIETY' was made available from 07/08/09. And the 'VERSION FRANCAIS' (French Version) of this website was started on 13/11/09 - it's now defunct.

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