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As recommended by Mike Russell (Artist & Writer), who says: "Your merchandise is quite fantastic
- they would certainly make ideal gifts for a loved one, spouse or relative in a care home.
They would also be ideal prizes on a game show such as Sale of the Century."


The Seagull Jesus Xmas Card

At 9.4cms (W) x 8.9cms (H) and printed on good quality 200gsm white card, this funny but poignant manufactured image makes an ideal seasonal greetings card.

Item plus postage =

Baby Ginge (Songwriter & Recording Artist) says: "Christmas is now complete with the
'must-have' accessory of the season - the Mini Moth Backpack!"


The John Zonn Mini Moth Backpack

We are very proud to announce that we have in stock (from their birth in the East Midlands - via the inside one of Arkwright's many mills), two 'John Zonn Mini Moth Backpacks'!!
In the words of their artist-maker, Tracy Boness, these quality items: "...are UK-made and not from some foreign country where three year old kiddies make them for 3p a go!"
One of the backpacks is seen here modelled by a butterfly (apparently "as they are more outgoing and confident!").
Dimensions are 4cms x 7cms and the price for a single backpack is £2.50 (plus P&P).

Item plus postage =


The Schneider-Zonn Glückwunschkarte

Who is Helge Schneider? He's a German comedian, jazz musician and multi-instrumentalist, author, film and theatre director, and actor. Zonn has been compared to him.
At 8.8cms (W) x 6.6cms (H), and printed on good quality 200gsm white card, this colourful and funny greetings card makes an ideal birthday (or other celebration) item.
In fact, you could hardly find a more economical (£1 plus P.& P.) and jovial gift anywhere, and compared to other similar items this one contains the added bonus
of capturing the visual essences of two musical maestros - Messrs. Zonn (in finger-puppet form) & Schneider (in human 'Helge' form) - larking about! Optionally,
on request, the card design could be tailored to meet the needs of your specific occasion, eg: 'Christfest' (Christmas), 'Neues Jahr' (New Year), usw (etc.) ...

Item plus postage =

4) " 'ADIEU BELLA' - PROSE SHEET (in French)"

'Adieu Bella' Prose Sheet

At 21cms (W) x 29.7cms (H), and printed on good quality copy paper, this could contribute to your
future activity of collecting printed sheets of handwritten prose/poetry. At £2 plus P.& P. it's a snip!

Item plus postage =


John Zonn Xmas Card

This 10cms by 12.6cms lovely seasonal greetings card is printed on good quality 200gsm white card and makes a great addition to any festive occasion.

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Whilst payment is accepted via PayPal, it's also possible to use good ol' fashioned Cheque/Postal Order or Bank Transfer.
The main currency we accept is Sterling, but Euros & U.S./Canadian Dollars are also viable options.
If you want to buy using non-PayPal, then get in contact with us...
Thank you for your custom :)

All enquiries to:

The spirit of Rosina da Silva (aka Minnie Driver) appears on Zonn's computer screen...
"The spirit of Rosina da Silva (aka Minnie Driver) appears on Zonn's computer screen..."

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