Originally written by Gardner Man for the September 2006 edition of: 'Clifton,
Montpelier & Powis Community Association' (CMPCA) newsletter, in Brighton.

It has been said that, with the finish-line of Western civilisation's development now in
sight, the work of artists no longer always seems relevant or necessary to the race for life.
And so it was that, like many other Open House organisers and participators during the
Brighton Festival in May this year, Scott Lovelock and friends - within our very community
- set about to challenge popular opinion by throwing further visual hurdles in the way
of society's final deathly sprint!

Many of you may remember the signs in the street, directing you towards 23a Clifton Road, where - upon entry to the basement flat - you were greeted with a long hallway lined intermittently with criss-cross painted boards, a hanging mixed-media/paraffin-stove setup, some clever text/collage posters, and some drawings/prints of what looked like swirly black and white patterns.

What was also likely to have taken your attention however, was firstly the marshland habitat of Nick Sebley's 'Reedbed/Bathroom' conversion (modelled here by the artist).

And secondly, the colossal space-changing wickerwork tunnel construction, that literally made you think twice about the meaning of the phrase 'living' room.

To continue your journey through the house environment, five hexagonal wood-lath boxes were stacked like plant cells next to a windmill-arrangement of landscape photographs.

Nearby, a flatscreen computer monitor showed footage of flocking starlings, and dandelions earthed themselves on the wooden mantlepiece - a last-minute rush of creative energy, hanging-on in a fragile place.

On reading the visitors' comments book, one could hardly fail to notice the enjoyment achieved throughout, and especially from the aurally-omnipresent "bells n' springs/singing-bowl hi-fi sound-machine".

So the show achieved it's purpose, by keeping art and community alive, for another year.

All images © Leigh Mayhew/Nick Sebley 2006

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