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"John Zonn is a breath of fresh air in music"
"I salute you over and over again"
"half stand-up, half poetry, half music"
"A fresh sounding e.p. by someone who has invented and mastered their own genre"
"Thanks John. Enjoyed your songs, gentle and honest"
"If you like your music melodic, thoughtful and unaffected you could do much worse
than check out John Zonn"
"Mature songs about everyday things"
"If Douglas Adams is being chanelled, then Arthur Dent's is surely one of your songs"
"I think of you as a poet with guitar"
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They play traditional Irish songs and music, plus some of the greats from the Pogues and Waterboys back-
catalogues. Book them now for: Parties, weddings, St. Patrick's week, pub gigs or any general celebration!!
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Was a band from all over the UK that had a guitar and keyboard based attack with
a strong, deep backbeat, which provided a danceable (yet intelligent) sound.

Ginge steered the group - the man on the mike and the man with the pen.

Jim Best, John Fiddle, Dave Drum and Julian Tardo rode alongside - completing
the unlikely posse that sailed headlong into the realms of fantastical encounters
and everyday occurrences - with great depth of feeling and sensitivity.

Their influences included B&Q crisps, Crunchy Rolos (RIP) and alcohol.
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