Quick review of the group show at St. Peter's Church, Preston Park, Brighton, UK, in April 2006.

Written by Hawk.

The smaller of the two St. Peter's churches on the way into Brighton hosted a rather special event this Easter, when four creativists put their energies together to summon the spirits...

The 'stairway to heaven' and the ingredients for the daily bread were supplied by Nick Sebley, who also provided the 'good book' in the pulpit, entitled: 'The Little Donkey'.

Thus, dough hung from the ceiling and arose from the floor.

This piece by Andy Gathercole, created from found natural objects, was placed conveniently such as to offer-up religious symbolism.

Scott Lovelock's singing-bowl and bells music-machine provided ethereal accompaniment to the worshipful whisperings of the flock that had gathered for the Private View, on the Good Friday evening.

Andy saw new life in reclaimed materials, with clever juxtaposition once again.

A shining lifeline path to the altar, seemingly spattered with blood, by Jim Best.

An obelisk was Jim's straightforward way to make his mark in both painting and sculpture.

All photos © Jim Best 2006

Private View flyer design by
Scott Lovelock & Andy Gathercole © 2006

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