"Sketches of Spain" illustrates a recent journey by Andy Gathercole.

He travelled between Madrid, Barcelona, Granada and
Alicante, taking notes and making sketches as he went.
These are what you see in front of you now, as well
as details from one or two paintings that Andy produced.

Additional photos (by Gardner Man) are taken from three
visits to Spain, between January 2001 and October 2002.
Read an account of one in 'Espana por Favor'.

Click on the 'thumbnail' images to view them on a larger scale.

'Nerja' 'Cuevas' - Granada 'Santa Maria' - Alicante

'Padre' 'Administration Municipales' 'Red Town'

'Sierra-Granada' 'Cabrones' - near Granada 'Molina Drive'

'The Meeting' (detail) 'Where is it I am?' 'The Meeting' (original)

'Costa del Kenny 1, Orjiva' 'El Pastor' 'Costa del Kenny 2, Orjiva'

'Cuevas, Granada' (detail) 'Barri Gotic' - Barcelona 'Holm Hill'

'Still Life - Granada' 'Costa Blanca' 'The Alhambra, Granada - viewed from St. Nicholas Church'

All images (except photos) © Andrew Gathercole 1995
Photos © Next Train 2002

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